- Polonius orders her to quit seeing Hamlet, she agrees ("I shall obey my Lord"). You laying these slight sullies on my son, Hamlet is not a part of this deceit; he is honest. Madness quotes in Hamlet. LORD POLONIUS And then, sir, does he this--he does--what was I Presumptuous, self-absorbed, and fixated on status, he serves as comic relief when the story becomes dark. O, my lord, my lord, I have been so affrighted! Ophelia's sentiments, when mixed with Polonius' desire for power, result in a double-edged sword aimed at Hamlet. Polonius tells Laertes to abstain from borrowing or lending money, to listen more than he talks, and to fight bold if the time for it every comes. Enter POLONIUS and REYNALDO You laying these slight sullies on my son. LORD POLONIUS LORD POLONIUS In Act II of Hamlet, what news does Ophelia bring Polonius? Hamlet’s loneliness, false friends, and betrayals cause his downfall to a great extent. 2. Ay, my lord, I am sorry that with better heed and judgment It is unfair for Ophelia, to be used as implement. REYNALDO REYNALDO You have me, have you not? As the Queen is leaving, Polonius shows Ophelia just where to walk, and the King where to hide. 1050 She challenges Laertes by saying “Do not, as some ungracious pastors do, show me the steep and thorny way to heaven… and recks not his own rede.” Ophelia here is challenging her brother and telling him to not be a … You laying these slight sullies on my son. If it be so- as so 'tis put on me, And that in way of caution- I must tell you You do not understand yourself so clearly Find out why Hamlet is acting so strange and report back to him. Rosenberg notes that influence of Polonius over her daughter is much greater than that of Hamlet, affirming the strength of the said oppression (488). Additionally, with aid of Polonius, he uses Ophelia as ‘bait’ to "judge/And gather by [Hamlet], as he is behaved.” What does Polonius say to Ophelia about the cause of Hamlet’s behavior? Lord Hamlet, with his doublet all unbraced; No hat upon his head; his stockings foul'd. Quotes; Forums; Search; Periods & Movements; Quizzes; Summaries; Subscriber Login; Literature Network » William Shakespeare » Hamlet » Act 2. 80> “And then the genuine nature of the honourable man stares out of the artificial man of society” [quotes 1697-1700, we . What does Voltemand report? 'I saw him enter such a house of sale,' Enter OPHELIA Whose violent property fordoes itself He sends Reynaldo to spy on his son, and he uses his daughter as bait to trick Hamlet. REYNALDO I will, my lord. And let him ply his music. Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth: ... Polonius’s daughter Ophelia enters afterwards and tells Polonius that Hamlet visited her in what was clearly a highly disturbed state. My lord, that would dishonour him. 79>
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