The PGCE Primary course (5-11) will enable you to become an effective, inclusive and evidence formed teacher. This course prepares trainee teachers to teach within the primary age range (3-11) on your chosen route; 3-7, 5-11 or 7-11 and will provide you with a PGCE at Masters level and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). A limited number of places remain for some of our upcoming PGCE events. The committed team of PGCE tutors provide a clear, thoughtful and critical introduction to teaching, drawing on leading education research carried out at King's. The main pedagogy is interactive lectures and workshops. Our PGCE Primary Teacher Education course aims to prepare you for entry into the teaching profession, developing your expertise in teaching children aged either 3–7 years or 5–11 years. ЫV���2τ��+]���`���7v:/v��5w�����t]����љ,s���s�l��C��v0�����~��+�6��c�������i�rj=��6o�a�v�VC��s�����΍Z/�{~�Π,�[�o��3�Y��=� 13:00. This full-time Primary PGCE (QTS) programme is available in conjunction with any of the following age phases: 3-7 year olds (Lower Primary) 5-11 year olds (Upper Primary) or 7-11 year olds (Upper Primary) x��}ے����"�����ܪ* uq8|B������3֌��]Y�� Our PGCE Primary Teacher Education course aims to prepare you for entry into the teaching profession, developing your expertise in teaching children aged either 3–7 years or 5–11 years. For the latest engagement and support information, events and activities, follow SEED Student Support and Guidance on Facebook. Virtual PGCE Events. In addition to being awarded the PGCE qualification, successful students are also recommended for Qualified Teacher Status, which indicates that they have met the requirements of the Government’s Teachers’ Standards. Students will learn to teach all the primary curriculum subjects. stream PGCE Primary and Early Years (7-11 age phase) 2019/20 options to specialise include: English, Science, Maths, SEND, Behaviour for learning, The Arts, Modern Languages UCAS CODE: X174 Our full time programmes last for approximately 40 weeks. "��9���E�8iؾ2J]k.B*�R��S��o*�����@q�x�%�AY꼢4{w��I�EP��Ke,U=ңT̀�TO����5ؑ_��6f ]�SH�46�#��$7�2M���'ǂ�Lzz��~0,�}��q�n�#W�����6΍p��X���N v^ ���s�(����/f�#��' k����iAd����◣ڛy�����)!�A4++Y�����-�K��׮�f�}b��X����`�b㨬���4�}�DE�<8ýIk'�wmw�p�l�ã3mzG���Ue�ԑR���Y(}h��w���{`��G9"+‡I_���~�kciu���U~����+Sk3dҾ���\��nB��|��1����F���S��[�n 14:30. Welcome from the PGCE Primary Programme Director 2. The one-year full time primary education PGCE course provides you with the professional skills required to become an effective classroom practitioner able to teach primary school children aged between 5-11 years old. Enrolment Procedures 5. Head of Primary PGCE/DEProgrammes including Programme Leader Primary Post Graduate (5-11) Core and School Direct: Dr Elizabeth Malone: t. 0151 231 4627 e. Acting Head of Primary Programmes including Programme Leader Primary Post Graduate (5-11) Core and School Direct (Sept – Nov) Sarah Hindhaugh: t. 0151 231 5359 e. If you study PGCE Primary at Roehampton you will be taught by a supportive, passionate and driven team of academic staff who are all specialists in their subject areas. 1. We are committed to providing our trainees with the richest and broadest opportunities. Fees. Weekly Review and Reflection Exemplar 1. <> ���+׈%1>����% Collaborative tasks and group learning are integral to the programme. ���26�V�YsHe�kP��������%�83F ���{� �b}��DB��E@���C�q*�=X� w��܋ ��H ��(?AbE��Nfm���b||_S E��_U�NUxZ� Code of Conduct 6. Your department will send you instructions for joining this session virtually (this is not a on-campus event) Introduction to the PGCE. �Z)�h-�;���"�=~8�9���]T_P�v;�"��XQ8X9�AcQ�Wwn���3�r���W�M�x �q|���X=8X�t�k�����Ӈ�����m�ޜ��������;��+f-�뺝)�KY��7��{�8�3�Z����+�Z�pu~t��'�~����^�at�d]�k�9��A�;v�>z���@�� -�u-��nr^��% ?��H� �ת� �UfA�J��6�+M��r�NqU%�?��x�i��~Ct�*���Q:�ݢAe �\��ri�~SZ�x��q� h|�3v,��W��g[!����u*#��kR���VƠ�W�3g(��ߤ��vB���m��oи�m�R��W�x�����2�p���S�. TIMETABLE GUIDANCE: Primary Age Phases The timetable for trainees must show time in two consecutive Age Phases. It has been re-designed to address the changing nature of teaching and learning in primary schools. The three modules taught provide excellent preparation to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and achieve a PGCE qualification. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Register as a student (new and returning), Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), PGCE Primary School Direct Welcome timetable, Business Education and Economics and Business Education: Welcome, Economics: Development materials and audit/action plan, Business Studies: Development materials and audit/action plan. Primary and secondary. Dr Diane Warner Placement A (PGA) Lead . Useful Information 3. Most of this will be conducted online, in interactive sessions with subject and EPS tutors, designed to introduce key educational themes and to build supportive tutor groups. This is reflected in 98% of our students achieving Good or Outstanding teacher grades at the end of their course and 95% of our graduates securing a teaching post by the end of the course.

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