Cola. When talking about colon cancer, red meat seems especially dangerous. There are a lot of researches revealing that aspartame can lead to several conditions and sicknesses like heart problems, birth defects, and cancers. And, based on a lot of scientific evidence, three of the most notorious cancer causing foods are … But did you know that some of the so-called health foods are indeed disguised as carcinogens? Worse still, the flour is then washed with chlorine gas to achieve this attractive white color. Home Health 17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating. Google+. However, the truth of the problem is that many common food items have been scientifically shown to enhance the risk of cancer, and some of them substantially. The Anti-Cancer Diet: 7 Foods That Could Prevent Cancer. Some cancer treatments can cause diarrhea, including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery (if certain parts of the intestine need to be removed) and bone marrow transplants. 12 Cancer Causing Foods to Immediately Stop Eating. Several foods have been linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Some foods can help your body become the healthiest and strongest it can be, and keep cancer and other diseases at bay. There are still other foods that, although they actually are healthy, they are simply too dangerous to consider eating. Related Topics: Up Next. Foods cooked in high temperatures lead to the formation of carcinogens like acrylamide, which is connected to different cases of cancer among Americans. These sweet treats contain trans-fats, processed sugar, and white flour, all of which are cancer causing foods we have mentioned before. Sometimes relatives might want you to have liquid food through a tube into your stomach or veins. Master Your Diabetes Review – Is Don Darby’s Treatment Useful? Don't Miss. 17. There’s a triple whammy here – when cooked, the butter flavors used in many brands of microwaveable popcorn delivers diacetyl, a known toxin. The microwave popcorn bags you have in your cabinet are lined with carcinogenic chemicals and so is the chemical in popcorn itself that creates the artificial butter flavor. It’s probably not something you think about every day, whether or not the foods you are eating could contain carcinogens, but with almost 1.5 million people diagnosed with some type of cancer just last year, perhaps it’s time to look at what is in our foods that could be causing such a huge number of new cancer … Shelf-Stable Meals. But did you know that some so-called health foods are actually carcinogens in disguise? (of course the organic types), Learn More: Cervical Cancer Prevention – Diet And Treatment Strategies. //
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